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A lot of Gamblers Wish they Were Psychics

A lot of gamblers out there are fervently wishing that they have some sixth sense. They are wishing that they could have the power to read minds or even determine what will be the flow of the cards or even predict on what will happen next. But in reality, some gamblers just literally lose whatever money they have because of a wrong decision. This fact is not arguable.
There are a lot of craps tables in casinos out there and a lot of them are operating day in and day out. Because they are operating almost 24/7, casino results are really helpful and reliable in determining the fate of most gamblers out there. You don’t need to be really good in numbers to understand what is going on. The bottom line is that most casinos usually win, no matter how gamblers wish that they could reverse the situation.
Why? Because a lot of the table games that are offered in most casinos have a framework which allows them to take some of the percentage from winning bets that are placed by the customer or even in the decision on whether to pass or not, come or do not come. It is around 16% percent of all the cash that is wagered on the craps table and around 13-15% percent that are wagered on the Blackjack table. Casinos usually win because they have structure in their favor.
Unfortunately, a lot of “wanna-be psychic gamblers” out there think that they can outwit casinos or even a game like craps by just using whatever skills or techniques are at their disposal or even by using money management skills. What about the idea of some gamblers to stop gambling when they are already ahead or have already experienced a good hand? It may sound possible but it does not work. Because aside from the situation that games do not work on a 50-50 basis, leaving when you still can and you are in a good situation does not really change much.
A lot of gamblers out there will win even in their first wager and then just leave. But a lot of gamblers will not succeed in their first attempt and will think that they need to stay in order to recoup their losses. With this way of thinking, casinos gain more money.
Gamblers cannot just rely on money management in order to succeed and then leave when they are already secured in their winnings. The casino edge affects your style of play no matter what strategy you will use.
There are no gamblers that win in their first try and just leave the casino and never come back to the place. But the advantage of craps and blackjack players are not the same unlike other players. Players are either manipulating the math of the game by controlled shooting or they are aware on when is the right time to strike by card counting. But craps and blackjack players still need to understand that they must still make correct bets.
In controlled shooting, a player must be aware if he can surpass the house edge on the wagers that he places. The smaller the house edge, the better for the controlled shooter. Supposedly, a lot of players who are familiar with dice control do not have an understanding of the math of the game and they falsely rate their own skills.